Notes Y-AA

Y: Joint ventures and associates

Joint ventures represent arrangements where control through contractual agreement with one or more parties which have rights to the net assets of the arrangements. As a consequence of adoption of IFRS 11 ‘Joint Arrangements’ from 1 January 2013, the Group’s joint ventures are accounted for using the equity method.

The Group has shareholder-backed joint venture insurance and asset management business in China with CITIC Group, and in India with ICICI Bank. In addition, there is an asset management joint venture in Hong Kong with BOCI and a Takaful general and life insurance joint venture in Malaysia.

The Group has two associates in respect of PruHealth and PPM South Africa throughout the periods reported that are also accounted for under the equity method.

For these operations the net of tax results are reflected in the Group’s profit before tax.

Further, the Group has various joint ventures relating to property investments held by the PAC with-profits fund. The results of these joint ventures are reflected in the movement in the unallocated surplus of the PAC with-profits funds and therefore do not affect shareholders’ results.

The Group’s share of the profits from its equity accounted joint ventures and associates, net of related tax, as shown in the condensed consolidated income statement comprises the following:

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  2013 £m 2012 £m
  Half year Half year Full year
Shareholder-backed business 59 57 108
PAC with-profits fund (prior to offsetting effect in movement in unallocated surplus) 15 5 27
Total 74 62 135

In addition to the above, the Group has associates that are carried at fair value through profit and loss, as allowed under IAS 28, that comprise investment in Open-Ended Investment Companies, unit trusts, funds holding collateralised debt obligations, property unit trusts and venture capital investments of the PAC with-profits fund where the Group has significant influence.

Z: Related party transactions

There were no transactions with related parties during the six months ended 30 June 2013 which have had a material effect on the results or financial position of the Group.

The nature of the related party transactions of the Group has not changed from those described in the Group’s consolidated financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2012.

Further, following the adoption of IFRS 11 in 2013 as described in note B, the Group’s investment in joint ventures are now accounted for on a single line equity method. Previously, the assets and liabilities of these joint ventures were proportionately consolidated by the Group with any of their transactions with other Group companies eliminated on consolidation. There are no material transactions between these joint ventures and other Group companies.

AA: Contingencies and related obligations

The Group is involved in various litigation and regulatory issues. Whilst the outcome of such matters cannot be predicted with certainty, Prudential believes that the ultimate outcome of such litigation and regulatory issues will not have a material adverse effect on the Group’s financial condition, results of operations or cash flows.

There have been no material changes to the Group’s contingencies and related obligations in the six-month period ended 30 June 2013.


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